A petit clin d'œil to Porto Petro

last update: 8 May 2022

Porto Petro

In the late 80's and early 90's Club Med was often our preferred choice for a holiday, with tennis training and the occasional golf lesson and outing on a dingy or catamaran. Porto Petro was home to a Club Med until 2002, then was demolished and rebuilt by Blau Hotel, and I think today its going to be completely rebuilt again as a 5-star Ikos Resort.

Interestingly, I've read that first 'holiday village' created by
Gérard Blitz, founder of Club Med, was on Alcúdia beach on the northern part of Mallorca. And it was only after about 10 years that the village was relocated to Porto Petro (at the beginning of the 1960's).

Caló des Llamp

I think that today the exact location is in the Caló des Llamp (where Porto Petro is located), but more specifically in Caló dets Homes Morts.

Porto Petro Club Med

Frankly I can't remember much about the site, expect that we were not impressed by the rooms or the food, but the beach was nice, and our newly acquired passion was satisfied by a local golf course.

Porto Petro Restaurant

Porto Petro Beach

We did play several rounds of golf as part of an introductory package. In 1990
Vall d'Or Golf was a 9-hole opened in 1986, and in 1993 it was redesigned into a full 18-hole course.

Vall d'Or Golf

And finally despite the many interesting places to visit, we actually only went to see the
Frederic Chopin and George Sand museum in Validemossa.

House of Chopin and George Sand