Reviews - Petit clin d'œil to the world

last update: 11 March 2022

Petit clin d'œil, presents our visits to places that passed us by in a flash. For one reason or another my wife and I stayed for a night or two in many different places. They were all pleasant stop-overs, and some certainly would merit a return trip, one day, someday, …

Berlin with Sanssouci and the Reichstag
Siena two days before the Palio of July
Graz with the Schlossburg
Novo Sancti Petri with its hotels and golf courses
Fregate Golf Club
Amelia Island with its golf courses
Corfu with its tourist attractions
Fiji with its Pacific beaches
Singapore and Sentosa Island
Naples with its Royal Palace and the Capodimonte Museum
Parma with its famous foods
Sainte-Maxime with its golf course
Saint Endréol with its golf course
Almenara, and hotel and golf course in Sotogrande, Spain
"Le Betulle", a golf club near Biella in Italy

As someone once said, these short travel memories are our "footprints in the sands of time".