London - BA Business Lounge Heathrow T5

last update: 20 March 2020

Our New Year trip for 2020 ran from late January 2020 to mid-March 2020 and involved 8 nights in Dubai and 43 nights in Phuket. We spent 3 nights in Dubai outward bound, and 5 nights in Dubai on our return flight.

We had the pleasure of waiting in the BA business lounge in
Heathrow Terminal 5 before taking the final flight in our round trip to Dubai and Phuket, i.e. the last leg was a short hop from Heathrow Terminal 5 back to our home airport.

Check out this
video breakfast review of the BA lounge in T5A and this is a video review of the lounges in both T5A and T5B.

We had been picked up at zone A for 'assisted departures', whisked through passport control and security, and taken to a BA lounge in T5A. I now know that there are several BA lounges in T5, and in T5A there are two, North and South. I have read that the South lounge is bigger with space for 800 people, and the North has space for about 400 passengers. At check-in we did not have a gate, but everyone knew that we would be taking a bus out to the aircraft.


In the BA lounge they operate an interesting system for those needing assistance. We were taken to a special desk in the lounge, given a 'beeper', and then installed comfortably. The idea is that when the 'beeper' called we would go to the same desk to find the person that would accompany us to the gate. And it worked perfectly.

Frankly I'm not sure which lounge we used in T5A, but it appeared to involve a very short walk near some duty-free shops, and then two lifts. I think it might have the been the larger South lounge. I don't remember seeing much out of the windows, but I do remember that they kept the temperature in the lounge quite 'fresh'. There were plenty of entry points to the lounge, and I remember we entered near the assisted departures desk, and installed ourselves near the coffee machines, etc.


In fact in the central part of the lounge there is a hot buffet area, and on either side there are coffee bars, drink stands etc. Near the hot buffet there was also an area for drinks, cold sandwiches, etc.




We entered nearest to the special assistance desk, and installed ourselves near one of the coffee bars. My initial impression was that the lounge was crowded, and because of that I did not really register what might be called an 'aesthetic' impression. The seats were comfortable, the small table between us was big enough, and the coffee bar looked enticing. I tried the coffee which tasted good, but my wife was a bit disappointed with the selection of herbal teas. The biscuits were plentiful and very tasty.

I found the above photographs on the web (but can't remember where), and they included the photograph below for the hot buffet. I remember thinking that it was not the most elegant presentation and was certainly less impressive and attractive than what you find the Emirates lounge in Terminal 3.


Having said that I tried the rice with a Thai green chicken curry, and it was very tasty. And I remember also seeing some pasta, etc. One report mentioned cheese, but I don't remember seeing any.


Some people commented on the range of wines available in the lounge. I had a look at the white wines available. There were 5-6 wines sitting in a kind of large open bar, but all but one were undrinkable. They were far too sweet, except a Chilean dryish white. Bit disappointed on that front.

On the other hand in the central area there was a wide variety of free magazines and newspapers.

Overall conclusion

I found the lounge not particularly memorable, but comfortable and functional. Good coffee options, decent selection of snacks and food, and a good selection of magazines and newspapers. Shame about the poor collection of white wines. Surprisingly crowded for a large business class lounge. Not as good as the Emirates lounges, but you could do a lot worse.