A petit clin d'œil to ⁨Almenara in Sotogrande

last update: 28 April 2022

Hotel Almenara

In the period 2004-5 we stayed in this high-quality golf-resort hotel at least three times, twice as part of package tours. This report is firstly historical, because the resort was recently purchased and completely re-designed by Accor. The result of this €40 million re-build is the SO/Sotogrande Resort. And secondly, because apparently the golf courses have also been renovated. As such we can't report on either the new hotel or the renovated golf courses, i.e. all the photographs are of the old facilities.

This is really all about golf, and so the actually location is very easy to find. Go to the real Club Valderrama, continue to drive along Av los Cortijos and the hotel is at the end of the road.

2 Almenara Cottages

In 2004-5 we were very happy with the quality of the hotel. We always booked a kind of little cottage unit, with breakfast and dinner.

3 Almenara Hotel Room

3 Almenara Outdoor Pool

We didn't use the outside pool facilities, but the indoor pool and spa were agreeable.

4 Almenara Spa

In terms of the golf, there were two advantages, firstly the hotel had a 27-hole course, and secondly within 5-10 minutes there were 6 other courses.

Almenara Golf Course

Generally we played Los Alcornoques followed by Los Pinos, and occasionally Los Lagos. We found Los Alcornoques the least 'interesting'. The first couple of holes were tricky to start with, and you could easily pick up a bad score and never recover. Below we have Hole 2 of Los Alcornoques, a 160-meter par-3 (140-meters from the red tees), handicap-12.

7 Hole 2 Los Alcornoques

8 Hole 8 Los Pinos

Above we have Hole 8 of Los Pinos, a 449-meter par-5 (376-meters from the red tees), handicap-15.

Below we have Hole 7 of Los Lagos, a 160-meter par-3 (136-meters from the red tees), handicap-6.

9 Hole 7 Los Lagos

But overall it was a really nice day out, and the club house terrace had a magnificent view towards the sea.

10 Almenara Terrace View